Are you on the map?

I discovered this!


Wow! What a great idea.

I hope there will be more pins around my little part of the world in the future.

Well, anyway, put your name on the map so we can find and meet each other more easily! :-)))

And then grab the button!




White and fluffy skirt

Another self drafted pencil skirt!

The fabric is fabulous in spite of being a totally synthetic faux fur on a knit base. It actually looks like small swirls of fur and it is super soft and cuddly! So fun to wear.
It needs better styling, though. :-)

Also, I'm very happy to report that I successfully passed the final exam at Callegary, yay!!!



New skirt

The fabric for this skirt was gifted to me. There were about 2m in it but it had holes. The poor thing got eaten by moths. I loved it very much, though. The plan was making a light jacket, but unfortunately it was impossible to avoid those little holes and keep the grain line. So it became a skirt.

 The pattern was self drafted using the Callegari method. After all that's why I went to pattern making school, right? :-)))  I'm very happy with it.

Oh, by the way, the final exam is next Tuesday! Can't wait!!!



So..the dress

Remember the dress I promised to show?

Perhaps the fifth time will be a charm to get a decent photo.

For now, this is the best I can show:


Clothes in art

Joanne Teasdale Dress in Negative, 2008