A vest for a young man

So, I had just cut out my (first) top for Faye's sewalong when my friend M called. She asked if I could alter suit pants for her son that were too large. I said yes. After that it turned out he also wanted a vest. Ok. And also he really, really wanted a bow neck tie. Oh, well...Ok.

So they came over and they brought velvet! Gosh. I just thought that I would pretend I knew what I was doing. :D ( I was slightly scared of the buttonholes to be made in the near future...on velvet...)
Of course, it wasn't only that the trousers had to be taken in, but he also wanted them Italian style. A bit more work. :)

For the vest I had to go through sewing two test muslins, because the guy is pretty tall and very very skinny. I used a pattern from a special edition of La mia Boutique for men as the base for drafting. The bow was the easiest thing to make, after some research.

And finally, it all turned out beautifully! Phew. I'm pretty proud of myself and the young man coudn't stop checking himself out in the mirror. :D I asked for a fancy photo of the whole outfit because Steph up here isn't the best of models for a men's vest.
Anyway, pretending to know what one is doing seems to be working well! :D

Now, the top....


Clothes in art

The Great Memory
by Valerie Hammond
Photolitho/Relief on handmade paper


A nice collection

So, this is my collection of (mostly) sewing magazines, all on display.
Burda, La mia Boutique, Modellina, and a few others. :D

The oldest Burda is from 1969. I found it on a stand, along with other Burdas from the 70s. Including the number that is as old as I am! :)
How fun would it be to sew something from THAT Burda magazine? :D


Clothes in art

Mending, Daniel Garber. American Impressionist Painter (1880-1958)


More destashing

Crazy printed jersey. Long time inhabitant of my closet. :) What shall I sew?  


This was quick!
I made up my mind that I needed a pair of pajamas . So now I have the craziest pair ever! :D

I'm also tempted to wear them out... :D