Almost there...

Aaaaah! Love!
Now, we are waiting for the kitchen to arrive. There are still lots of little things to be done, not to mention all the cleaning...So, still no sewing in sight. I can't wait to show you the bathroom!

We expect to be moving in in a week or two. :) I am soo excited!

Ciaoo! :D


All done!

The UFOs you just can't get rid of, you know those... 
I've carried along this bag full of cut out slippers for years, thinking I would finish them some day.
My blisters half healed and I finally pressed all of them.

There are 31 pairs. I would like to donate them. We shall see to whom, I still don't know.

Now, getting ready for more construction works and more blisters, yay!

Have a nice and productive day everyone! 😊


Here we go

Yesterday morning...now my hands are full of blisters... and the slippers need ironing...🙃🤓