Stash busting with Burda 2/2018-107

After a long long time I decided to buy several Burdas. I found a stand with the newest numbers an I treated myself to several of them. There were so many cute patterns inside!

So, yesterday I traced number 107 from the 2/2018 issue. What a fun shirt, isn't it?

As soon as I saw the pattern I knew I had found the perfect match for a striped crush knit I've had in my stash for years and years.

I never actually used it out of fear of not being able to match the stripes since the crushed structure moved them around. And the irony is I actually was able to match the stripes on the sides...­čśé

I looove the result!

Ready for spring! :D
When it comes....As it is snowing right now...Hmh...


Making making,finishing finishin

I know that you know that the majority of makers have tons of unfinished projects, for one reason or another.:D
These days I'm doing my best to finish as many UFOs as I can.

Proof! :)
Aaand new stuff to list in my Etsy shop ,finally! What do you think? Like something?

Still, I haven't reached the bottom of the current box I'm emptying. :D


Refashioned trousers

Hello there!
I honestly didn't think it would take me this long to sew a wearable item. Truly.
But at last I finally have something to share. :)

Last week I stabbed myself in the index finger of the right hand, and badly, so I was unable to do anything for several days. To console myself I went to visit a couple of second hand stores to see if I could find something nice. And score! I came home with two bags full of wonderful stuff. Including this enormous pair of classic trousers.

I liked the fabric so much. It has little white, yellow and orange spots all over. And Z almost forced me to finally sew something for myself. I've been running around declaring I had nothing to wear for a while. He is quite ironic about that, hehehe.

First,I had to deconstruct them completely, and then I cut them using a self drafted jeans pattern.


I only wish they were longer,though! :)

Ciao! :)


Wow,I actually made something!

The apartment still looks like an earthquake scene, but I managed to make something anyway!
A carpet!
While unpacking I found a carpet base I had bought years ago with the idea of making a crochet carpet, but never did because it wasn't sturdy enough. So it went to the bottom of a box.
Now, this was quite a serendipitous find since I've been researching handmade carpets for a few days, with the idea of making something for the bathroom. And there was the perfect base! Or at least I hoped so... This time I tried the latch hooking technique, only with a big crochet hook, and it worked!:)
 I used jersey remnants and scraps, an old nightgown and several old t-shirts for the strips. This is quite a small carpet, but boy it took a lot of fabric! I think I might have found a new favorite technique for scrap busting!
I love the result and so does Z. But he refused to step on it in the bathroom. He says it is too pretty.:D
Oh, I also cleaned my sewing machines!! Yay!! I can't wait to get back to sewing!