T-shirt perfected

One of my favorite activities is perfecting the fit of clothes, which usually happens for others since I still don't have a fitting dress form made to measure. Always on my mind, though.

Remember Z's T-shirt? Here it is, the pattern altered almost to fit perfectly. The most important thing was lowering the shoulder. That alone took away many creases from under the arm.

Hmmm, I still can see a couple small bits that could be improved...;D


Montura 2018 fashion show

So, a few days ago I participated in a fashion show with my school! I'm so happy they called me. :D
Montura is the best known fashion manifestation in Split, Dalmacija and it was fun to be there!
I chose to show a mini collection of three outfits. There will be more when I grow up and start my own label! Yes, soon!

The sketches..
I was inspired by the 30s fashion, slim silhouettes and beach pajamas. For a contemporary touch I added some fabric manipulation. :)

The fabrics..
I ended up using only the glazed jersey and the stripey polyester. The jersey was lovely to sew until I had to do the hemming. At that point there was no way to get a proper seam. The needle would stick to the glaze and totally made me crazy. The muslin/satin was so nice to see and feel, but awful to sew from the second minute. I'm getting frustrated only thinking of it. Pure plastic. I ripped the side seams of the long dress three times before getting a presentable shape. Sigh.

The outfits..
In the end everything looked quite nice, fortunately. :)

Wide legged trousers with a small top that mimicked a scarf knotted on the back. I also made the sun hat!

Midi dress and matching clutch. My favorite. I wish I could wear this one..

The lovely long dress. I don't have a proper photo of the back, but you can see it in this photo

And here we are in the defile'. You can see the back of the top and midi dress . :)

It was quite a nice afternoon spent in the beautiful garden of the Ivan Meštrović Gallery in Split. :)


Bright floral trousers Burda easy fashion F/S 2009

I bought this fabric last year with the idea of making jeans. Now I'm happy I changed my mind!
One more make I totally love. :D
I made a muslin how the pattern would fit this time. It's Burda easy fashion F/S 2009 boot cut pants, number 3.  I adjusted it for slight sway back and took away fullness from the back pieces in two places. The pants really look good to me now! :)


Test T-shirt

I made a test long sleeved T-shirt for my favorite human.
The fabric is a viscose jersey I had in my stash and was happy to put to good use, even for a muslin.
The pattern needs some adjustments but he wants to wear this one anyway! :D
Not bad for the first time.