The last four years

I am so happy and grateful right now. It has been very difficult for some time, but I decided it was going to change. Everything had to change.

So, in several words - I moved my whole life three times, got a couple of new diplomas, learned a lot, left one and after a couple of years met the most wonderful man ever, lost a lot of weight (as it happens) and got it back along with much happiness. Now I have NOTHING to wear! How about that? 😄

Oh, and by the end of last year I opened a little crafty business. I make handbags while I get ready to start a clothing line.

Here is a cutie for you. :)

Yes. 💙💚💛💜



Clothes in art

Hello there!
This post patiently and silently waited for me for all these years, isn't that appropriate?
If anybody sees this post, please, give me a sign! :D
Let's publish.
Hugs from Barbara!


More things for little people

My niece is a big girl, you know. She'll be 7 years old soon! .-)

While I was at it I wanted to make something special for her to wear for her birthday.

I thought this frilled fabric would make a super cute dress.

And it did! It's even better in person. :-) I used remnants of orange knit and lace ribbon from stash to finish the dress off.

Of course, I wouldn't be me if I didn't find a way to use the remnants of the frilled knit! Along with more remnants. :-)

It seems that my little S loves her new dress and top. Especially the top!

I'm happy.




Unfortunately, the photos from the fashion show didn't come out very well and there is something I wanted to share that you haven't been able to see on them.

Here they are - clutch bags I made with fabric remnants from the dresses.

Will someone, please, take me out so I can carry one of these along?
Oh, and I also wish I could fit inside the yellow dress...sigh...


Things for little people

During Faye's sewalong I made some clothes for my niece. While the machines and knit scraps and remnants were out.
You recognize some of the fabrics, I'm sure.


Now I find making clothes for kids an even better way of putting remnants to good use.
But there is a catch there.
Will they like and wear them?

Happy sewing everyone!