All done!

The UFOs you just can't get rid of, you know those... 
I've carried along this bag full of cut out slippers for years, thinking I would finish them some day.
My blisters half healed and I finally pressed all of them.

There are 31 pairs. I would like to donate them. We shall see to whom, I still don't know.

Now, getting ready for more construction works and more blisters, yay!

Have a nice and productive day everyone! 😊


Here we go

Yesterday morning...now my hands are full of blisters... and the slippers need ironing...🙃🤓


An FO - crocheted market bag

Since we moved into the new apartment I tried to finish as many unfinished projects as I could. Being me, of course, I could not prevent myself from starting something new, though. :)
The eco spirit chose old cassettes to be upcycled. So now I have a new big market bag crocheted out of old cassette tapes. Since it is quite possible that the tapes could release chemicals, it needs to get a lining. Also, this poses the question should every material be upcycled?

It was reinforced with thread around the upper edge and at the handle openings.

Let's find a proper lining now, while I still have all the scrap boxes around. The appartment renovations are scheduled to start next week and I have no idea how I'm going to make anything in the next month or so. :D

Next up, slippers....many many slippers. Very old WIP.