Wow,I actually made something!

The apartment still looks like an earthquake scene, but I managed to make something anyway!
A carpet!
While unpacking I found a carpet base I had bought years ago with the idea of making a crochet carpet, but never did because it wasn't sturdy enough. So it went to the bottom of a box.
Now, this was quite a serendipitous find since I've been researching handmade carpets for a few days, with the idea of making something for the bathroom. And there was the perfect base! Or at least I hoped so... This time I tried the latch hooking technique, only with a big crochet hook, and it worked!:)
 I used jersey remnants and scraps, an old nightgown and several old t-shirts for the strips. This is quite a small carpet, but boy it took a lot of fabric! I think I might have found a new favorite technique for scrap busting!
I love the result and so does Z. But he refused to step on it in the bathroom. He says it is too pretty.:D
Oh, I also cleaned my sewing machines!! Yay!! I can't wait to get back to sewing!


Almost there...

Aaaaah! Love!
Now, we are waiting for the kitchen to arrive. There are still lots of little things to be done, not to mention all the cleaning...So, still no sewing in sight. I can't wait to show you the bathroom!

We expect to be moving in in a week or two. :) I am soo excited!

Ciaoo! :D


All done!

The UFOs you just can't get rid of, you know those... 
I've carried along this bag full of cut out slippers for years, thinking I would finish them some day.
My blisters half healed and I finally pressed all of them.

There are 31 pairs. I would like to donate them. We shall see to whom, I still don't know.

Now, getting ready for more construction works and more blisters, yay!

Have a nice and productive day everyone! 😊


Here we go

Yesterday morning...now my hands are full of blisters... and the slippers need ironing...🙃🤓