Crochet slippers

Blame it on Pinterest :-))

Material: wool remnants
Pattern: just followed what I saw on Pinterest. (Type  in wool slippers and you will be flooded with super cute images!)

Actually, my slippers turned up a bit big so I had to add strings.

I wear them all the time!

Now go and make yourself a pair!
It is quick and easy, and great to finally put those wool remnants to good use.

I'd love to crochet me a pair of colorful Mary Janes.
Probably next winter. :-)



Oooooh, it is sunny outside!!!!


The 2013 Top Sew-A-Long - one more

This top - just happened.
And I'm very happy with it!!!
Except for those lianas there that need to be trimmed, eheheh. :-)
The back is green.

Happy sewing everyone!


The 2013 Top Sew-A-Long - two tops finished

Here they are!


More to come.

Don't you love turning leftovers and scraps into something useful?


The 2013 Top Sew-A-Long - materials

It is fantastic to see how many sewintists (!) , I mean - participants, joined Faye's sewalong.
It is a joy to sew in company!
I'm very very happy. :-DDD

This is going to be a scrap busting project for me, aaaaahhh!!!! Yes.
The pairings:

 A printed piece of knit from a dress, some purple scraps that came from someone.

 A patterned piece of knit from a maxi dress I made last summer and a too small pink top.

A printed piece of knit from a top I made, an old thrifted yellow lacy shrug, an old  white top I already refashioned and a scrap of red knit.

These photos were taken last week when it was still a bit sunny. It snowed all day yesterday and it is still snowing now as if it was mid January! I can't wait for spring to finally come!

But what is better than bad weather to keep you inside and sewing? Productivity goes up up up! :-)

I'll show you what I've sewn as soon as I take some photos. Stay tuned!



A skirt and a shirt

Here are two pieces I haven't shared yet:

I love this skirt even though the color is totally wrong for me. It is the most worn of the season. :-)

Wonderfully soft and light fabric. The bow at the neckline is not exactly visible but it is there, and the pattern placement happened by accident. :-) In spite the hunchback optical illusion this shirt is a dream to wear.




These are the sketches of the dresses I've chosen to make for the show:

 Sorry, bad scans, but I hope you get the idea. :-)

I've put together a  pile of yellow and violet colored fabrics and there are enough pieces to make all three dresses. This is really a nice stash busting project, don't you think? :-)

One more upside to my closet fabric hunt is that I've folded and put away my fabric stash. Suddenly there was more room in the closet! Don't worry, the gaps have already been filled with more pieces from my many scrap boxes. When I see them there is more probability of making something out of them than when they are hidden away in some bag or box.

Have a nice Saturday everyone!


The 2013 Top Sew-A-Long

Wow, it's been such a long time since I've joined a sew along!

Let's add something nice and colorful to the wardrobe!
Why don't you come and join the fun?
It begins on the 24th.

Thanks Faye !

Yeah, I know, "What about the dresses for the show?"  you may ask?
Can't help myself.
I missed sewing so much.
I have to do this.
Wish me luck.
I think I'm going to refashion something...



Getting ready...

For a fashion show!

Every year the Callegary school organizes a diploma ceremony followed by a fashion show to display the work of their pupils. I had the chance to participate last year and now, as a recent graduate, I'm in again! The theme of the year is - evening dresses.  Quite a broad topic, isn't it?

This is what I made last year - three day dresses inspired by flapper style.

The pictures were taken by Z.

You certainly won't be surprised to learn that all the dress were made with fabrics, remnants and clothes from my closet collection, hehe. :-)
Of course, they are not coordinated as a mini collection, but I think I managed to catch the spirit of the era.

Let's see what we can do this year with the stuff from the closet! :-)



Store mannequins in Sweden

I came across this picture on Pinterest:


Those mannequins look like real women! Do you find it to be a positive step forward in regards to women's self image or is it just a marketing strategy?

I tried to find the source but wasn't successful. While doing that I also found this article about advertising with computer generated bodies.  link

I understand the need for marketing, but why selling your product with a false truth? Like the commercials for mascara that actually display false eyelashes. It is probably way cheaper than paying models.

Anyone cares to share a thought?


Cardigan refashion

From this:

Big 80s bat wing cardigan - to this:

Fitted cropped jacket. :-)

I used my perfect shirt pattern to cut out the pieces. The bottom of the sweater became the body of the jacket, and the rest became the sleeves. I managed to use the existing bands everywhere except at the neck, where I sewed on a piece of knit found among remnants. The same fabric was used to make the bow.
Also, I added a button in between the two existing ones and added a snap at the neckline to keep the jacket closed.

I will happily wear the little jacket as a liseuse - bed jacket, to keep me warm at night. :-)

So, everything used in this project was repurposed and I'm pretty satisfied!