Store mannequins in Sweden

I came across this picture on Pinterest:


Those mannequins look like real women! Do you find it to be a positive step forward in regards to women's self image or is it just a marketing strategy?

I tried to find the source but wasn't successful. While doing that I also found this article about advertising with computer generated bodies.  link

I understand the need for marketing, but why selling your product with a false truth? Like the commercials for mascara that actually display false eyelashes. It is probably way cheaper than paying models.

Anyone cares to share a thought?

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  1. My first thought is that the mannequins are not unattractive. They don't look overweight to me. They are probably closer to the average woman's shape, and therefore give a greater proportion of women an idea of what the clothes will look like on them.
    What I really dislike is clothes been shown, unworn, on a white background. For all but the simplest clothes, this gives me no idea what the clothes actually look like.