Getting ready...

For a fashion show!

Every year the Callegary school organizes a diploma ceremony followed by a fashion show to display the work of their pupils. I had the chance to participate last year and now, as a recent graduate, I'm in again! The theme of the year is - evening dresses.  Quite a broad topic, isn't it?

This is what I made last year - three day dresses inspired by flapper style.

The pictures were taken by Z.

You certainly won't be surprised to learn that all the dress were made with fabrics, remnants and clothes from my closet collection, hehe. :-)
Of course, they are not coordinated as a mini collection, but I think I managed to catch the spirit of the era.

Let's see what we can do this year with the stuff from the closet! :-)



  1. Excellent work! I like the second one most. Good luck with this year's show, Barbara.

    1. Thanks!

      The second is my favorite, too! (It used to be my skirt, hehe.)

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