White skirt - refashioned!

I said I had something in mind to do with the bottom of this dress, remember?
I refashioned it into a skirt! What do you say?

Now, the story goes like this: The fabric came from my mother's vintage stash. Since I already had something similar in white, which I liked more, I decided to dye this piece. The fabric came out of the process with no coloring at all, just a couple of stains. So much about the content of synthetic fibers. Disappointed, I then decided to use it to make a test garment. As you know, that experiment didn't work either. But I had this brilliant idea of embellishing the whole skirt with ribbons of remnants of white fabrics! A closer look:

First I took the remnant pieces of white fabric and cut them into 2,5 cm wide ribbons, then I sewed them freely onto the skirt with a straight stitch. I started at the bottom and randomly applied piece after piece. I love how this skirt refashion turned out! :-) Fraying edges included!


I named her Dottie White, heeeee! :-DD


Little dress

From the UFO pile. :-)
Finished with ruffled elastic, button at the back neckline and handmade flower brooch.



Clothes in art


Two more dress muslins

And now there are no more dress muslins on the UFO pile! I'm almost done with it,haha!!!

This is a dress that ended up being a line matching exercise. Not too bad, but I'm absolutely not that thrilled with it to make all the alterations needed to make it perfect. The pattern is Burda 6/1995-114. I'm going to reuse the skirt piece to make a bag. Or let it remain a skirt?

To make this one I combined a top and a skirt pattern that are a good fit. And it is visible on this muslin. The thing I don't like is the dark color on top and white on the bottom. Somehow I'm not comfortable with this combination.
This one also proves (once again) that soft and flared skirts are a much better choice for my shape. With fitted tops. No questions about that.
So this dress is not going to be finished either, but I have plans for the skirt... :-)))

Have a nice Saturday!


Blouse Burda 7/2007-101

Another project from the UFO pile. Very old. From the time I used pattern as they were. Without adjustments. You may not see it, but I can feel the pattern needs adjustments!

Blose Burda 7/2007-101 I Like!

The fabric I used were remnants from a dress project for a friend. Including holes and discoloring. I had to implement the usual magic and chemistry to cut the pattern pieces out. But you know I love that!

So nice, both the pattern and fabric! Why did it stay on the ufo pile for such a long time you wonder?
Here's why - I scorched the back piece with the iron! I don't know what kind of fabric this is, but it behaves strangely. Like organza, I'd say.
I was soooo very close to throwing the whole thing away! :-(


Then I dug it out in my big UFO busting spree. With rather satisfying results! :-)

The hole got mended. I ironed a little piece of interfacing on the back and then applied this piece of lace on the right side.

Finished! Or maybe not. I should probably apply some lace to the front. For balance. As a design element. Yes, let's put it this way,hehe. Otherwise people might think I just used lace as a patch to conceal a flaw..! :-)

Good night everyone!


Wrap top Burda Nahen Leicht und Schnell 1/96 -207

Wrap top Burda Nahen Leicht und Schnell 1/96 -207

I like!!

Sleeveless wrap blouse -from the UFO pile - finished! Yay! :-)

I used remnants (triangles!) of this beautiful satin I got from someone. But whom? Can't remember... Anyway, there was enough fabric only for the pattern pieces. I remember that. No leftovers for the bands and bias binding. So I had to buy some bias tape to finish it. Well worth it! The pattern needs adjustments, though... Will work on that! I like it a lot!

One thing I noticed, can someone, please, enlighten me about it, is that the openings for the tie strings are located slightly below the waist. Why is that? Shouldn't they be at waist height if you want to tie the blouse properly?


Dress La mia Boutique 5/2000-18 - Details

As promised, here is the line drawing of the Red flowers dress La mia Boutique 5/2000-18 :

I like it a lot and will probably make another, but this time with a slit in the back of the skirt. As this is an absolute zen dress! It gets you focused on your steps and makes you slow down - because you can't make long steps no matter what. Perfect for a peaceful stroll. :-))

The pattern doesn't call for it, but I inserted snaps in the front and a side zipper for easier manipulation. See the arrows? It is not so clear, sorry. And the casing for the back strings with the cute little bow.

And now - more pics - just for fun!

Oh, have you noticed? New haircut! :-)))



More items from the UFO pile finished!

I've been making lots of stuff lately, haven't I? So, how's that, you may wonder. After all it is still summer and we should spend as much time as possible outside, right? Well, not me. This is the time of my worst allergie (to a certain plant) so I'm barricaded inside and...sew. Not so bad after all... :-))



A sewing plan?

It is known far and wide that I'm a disaster at planning. It simply (almost) never works. Unless it is something truly exciting. Why? It's in my nature. Simple really. I change my mind or something else gets my attention. :-) I'm quite OK and used to it. It only adds up to the UFO pile!

So what's the plan, you ask? Destashing!

Dark blue corduroy - high waisted pants
Green with blue dots viscose - shirt with bow ( this fabric is new)
Green velvet - high waisted skirt

For a change :-) the pants and skirt have already been cut out. :-) I still haven't decided which pattern to use for the shirt, I traced a couple of them. We shall see how the muslins turn out. When I get to them. After some more UFOs...

Planning any autumn sewing yet?


Bread of the week and...

...more panties, haha!

That's it for the time being! There are more UFO panties but I ran out of elastic...:-)

To change the subject, here's this week's batch of bread:

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend!


A set

Two more FOs!
Scraps of fabric, bias elastic and a piece of elastic lace.



Yes yes, I'm working on my UFOs! There is still a number (!)of them...

But four less than yesterday :-)

FOs - Panties!
Knit scraps, old t-shirts, fold-over elastic and a piece of elastic lace.

Zip top

Destashing a bit!

To make this top I used a piece of doubleknit fabric and an old zipper.

Gray and orange. Sporty look :-)

Have a good night!


New fabrics

Bought this year:

Cotton, viscose, blends ( I love the houses!) for dresses and shirts

Linen (the white is embroidered) for pants and dresses

Orange wool and blend knits for pants, dresses and cardigans

At least, this is the general plan...

Pasta alla Norma

Pasta with tomato sauce, fried aubergines and fresh basilico.


Red flowers dress

I forgot to post these pictures!
The dress was finished about a month ago.
The pattern is from La mia Boutique. A very nice design with fitted bodice and balloon skirt.

I had barely enough of this narrow width cotton print fabric for the pattern. It was gifted to me by my friend M, and it is lightwaight and soft but crisp enough to keep the shape.

I will take photos of some details and will also post the line drawing because the design is truly lovely.

Have a nice and creative day!

Little rant

In short:

1. Got back from 1 (rainy) + 1 (partially cloudy) weeks of vacation (mostly working) :-(
2. Caught a cold :-(
3. The computer died - again, and it was impossible to resuscitate it :-(

Sigh, I think I need a few days of rest in the sun...

So, please, forgive my absence! I truly hope you are having a summery summer and that all is well wherever you are.

On the bright side - there are new shoes and fabrics, and plans for autumn sewing!

Will be back in a minute.


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