A sewing plan?

It is known far and wide that I'm a disaster at planning. It simply (almost) never works. Unless it is something truly exciting. Why? It's in my nature. Simple really. I change my mind or something else gets my attention. :-) I'm quite OK and used to it. It only adds up to the UFO pile!

So what's the plan, you ask? Destashing!

Dark blue corduroy - high waisted pants
Green with blue dots viscose - shirt with bow ( this fabric is new)
Green velvet - high waisted skirt

For a change :-) the pants and skirt have already been cut out. :-) I still haven't decided which pattern to use for the shirt, I traced a couple of them. We shall see how the muslins turn out. When I get to them. After some more UFOs...

Planning any autumn sewing yet?

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