Bread of the week and...

...more panties, haha!

That's it for the time being! There are more UFO panties but I ran out of elastic...:-)

To change the subject, here's this week's batch of bread:

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend!


  1. Ooh I see more panties.. nice, can you make bra's to?
    The first post I saw from you was the one before this, and than I saw also panties ;)

  2. Beautiful loaves of bread, and how many panties do you have so far? 20? 30? :-) It makes such sense to sew your own. If I buy the bra on pg 24 of VS, I get a free panty and $10 off==>$32 total. But I would then feel like I got a deal so I'd pick up coordinating panties for $12.50 ea or 4/$28. Cotton undies are 5/$25.50. Prices have sure increased.

  3. Marian, I would sooo love to know how to make a bra!!! I've searched around the net for tutorials and followed the work of lingerie makers for some time now, but never ventured into making one. Also, I don't really have a pattern...Meanwhile I make panties. As I always say they are a great way to reuse remnants of fabrics and refashion old shirts. And also soo easy to sew! :-)

    Mary,Oh! 5 dollars for a pair of cotton panties? But it's the brand you're paying for here, aren't you? I suppose a noname would cost less?

  4. You can find patterns of bra's on the internet..

    And the fitt form ( I do'nt know what the real English word is) is good..

    Soon ( when i have time ;)) I'll try to get the internetshops on one of my tabb's on my blogs.
    I have already the internet lingerie fabric and material shops there.

    Bud refashion old shirts...that's loveley :)

  5. Thank you! :-))I sure will look for them!

  6. The bread looks amazing. I cannot get bread dough right so I will admire your loaves. @Mary - it is pretty standard pricing on panties these days. Unless we buy the cotton panties that come several in a package & even those are about $1.25 per pair. I have some old t-shirts & silk shirts from the thrift that I want to make into underclothes.

  7. Hmmm, you made me think. I have to go and check the prices now. I haven't bought panties in a really long time.