SSS'11 day 22-27

Just a few more daysof SSS' 11!

Me made - top

Me made - dres and refashioned cardi
Two days of this! Just loove that dress!!

Me made - T-shirt

Me made - everything


Brown and stripey pants 3F Burda easy fashion F/S 2009

It is so interesting how a different fabric affects a pattern. These pants had to be perfect as the orange ones, right?

But, noooo. What is that in the back??? This woolen blend is much heavier than linen and has much more drape. So there we have a waterfall under the behind. I'm curious to see what will happen after the test wear. It is still too hot to wear them, though.

And here we have some closeups.

I reused a zipper and buttons, lined the pockets with some matching vintage silk, and finished the facing with gold bias tape.
All in all I'm very pleased with the result. The pants are very comfortable as the fabric is a little bit stretchy. Now I'm curious what could happen if I chose another type of fabric. Like velvet, for instance? I'd love a pair of warm and orange pants for the winter!




The test wearing of the orange pants went very well. Too bad it is getting cold so I won't be able to wear them more.

Here we have two new garments from the autumn/winter sewing plan. Pants and cardigan!

Next up - a post about the above!

Have a nice evening everyone! :-))


Orange linen pants 3F Burda easy fashion F/S 2009

Those were the base of my perfect pants. But now I know many more things about adjustments and decided do it all over again to get another perfect pants pattern!

Voila the result!

Firstly, material notes: Linen from stash, old zipper, cotton scraps for facing and snaps for closure (since there were no matching buttons).

Secondly, what I did: Traced the pattern size 40 waist/42 hips of pants 3F Burda easy fashion F/S 2009. Made the alterations I wanted (swayback, scooped the crotch line and added the missing width to hips, "tall-ified" the pattern ,i.e. lengthened the body of pants and the part above the knee) without muslining. I just knew they would fit!

Oh, I also added back pockets.
The whole making process was quick and easy, except for topstitching. The machine simply didn't want to do it. I successfully topstitched only the pockets, after serial jamming I gave up.

Yay! Winner! Just have to scoop the back crotch line some more and make my fall pants!

Not that it's particularly visible, but should I have placed the back pocket lower?


SSS'11 day 14-21

Two days of this outfit
Me made - refashioned skirt

Me made - skirt

Me made - dress

Me made - t-shirt, pants and refashioned cardigan

Me made - blouse

Me made - skirt and top

Me made - sweat pants, top and socks

It is getting colder outside...

Clothes in art

Wire sculpture done by Leigh Pennebaker



Purple flowers dress Burda 8/2011-125 - FESA 2011 garment No.1

Another version of this great Burda 8/2011-125 dress pattern!

I used a flannelish woven fabric from stash. It is gray-brown with purple and magenta flowers.

This time I lengthened the sleeves, omitted the collar, closed the neckline a bit, added pocket and inserted the zipper on the side. Of course, since I never read the directions (which are in German and I don't understand it) I couldn't find the way to insert that zipper where the pocket is. It was illogical to me that it should be attached to the pocket, but it actually has to. And it is also quite easy to do. :-)

I want to make a couple more changes to the pattern and then make another version. I looove this pattern soo much!!!

We can count this as my first entry for the Fall Essentials Sew-Along 2011! But I still haven't found the Flickr password....

Happy sewing everyone!


Blouse Burda 7/2007-101 in green and pants Burda 7/2010-127 in blue

Now, all three garments are done.

I wanted to make this blouse fit, but I'm not really happy with it. There is more to do on the shoulder back and sleeves. Perhaps another time.
Here is the pattern with all the alterations ( lengthened bodice, forward shoulder, narrow back):

And the blouse...Well, I guess it's the fabric. It looked so lovely but somehow I don't like it made up in this blouse.

Here it is with the blue corduroy high waisted pants:

Sigh...Just don't like it...I'm made for bright colors, don't you agree? This yellowgreen doesn't suit me at all. And the night dark pants..? So it happens that you like a fabric very much under the light in the shop, but then it doesn't do anything for you except emphasizing the black circles under your eyes. What do you do when something like this happens? Wear it anyway or let it go?


SSS'11 day 11,12,13

Me made - top and skirt

Me made - refashioned skirt and top

Me made - pants


Dress Burda 8/2011-125 - part 3

Finally the dress is done! With a couple more changes.

First, I wanted to lengthen the sleeves but the result was really ugly. Since I didn't like the above elbow length I shortened them. The pattern was supposed to have a side zipper, but I inserted it in the back. This change influenced the collar, which is now opened in the back. It looks nice, as well as the knotted front. :-)

I didn't line it because I planned to wear it with a slip.

Oh, I love this dress! I will make it again with longer sleeves.

Ciao! :-))

Dress Burda 8/2011-125 - part 2

Here are the top pattern pieces with the alterations traced in red. I pinched the darts on the paper and then retraced all the pattern pieces before cutting.

And here it is! The first stage of the dress construction. I'm quite happy with the fit!

No creases! Well, it is also a knit so it drapes even better around the body. I want to learn how to achieve this every time!

I have to admit that the more I learn about fitting techniques the more I'm fascinated by the science and art of it.