Orange linen pants 3F Burda easy fashion F/S 2009

Those were the base of my perfect pants. But now I know many more things about adjustments and decided do it all over again to get another perfect pants pattern!

Voila the result!

Firstly, material notes: Linen from stash, old zipper, cotton scraps for facing and snaps for closure (since there were no matching buttons).

Secondly, what I did: Traced the pattern size 40 waist/42 hips of pants 3F Burda easy fashion F/S 2009. Made the alterations I wanted (swayback, scooped the crotch line and added the missing width to hips, "tall-ified" the pattern ,i.e. lengthened the body of pants and the part above the knee) without muslining. I just knew they would fit!

Oh, I also added back pockets.
The whole making process was quick and easy, except for topstitching. The machine simply didn't want to do it. I successfully topstitched only the pockets, after serial jamming I gave up.

Yay! Winner! Just have to scoop the back crotch line some more and make my fall pants!

Not that it's particularly visible, but should I have placed the back pocket lower?



  1. Very nice, isn't it great to have conquered the pant?

  2. Oh,yes, I'm happy! Next will be jeans! Machine allowing, of course.

  3. I'm very jealous, my last pants were a desaster. Yours fit beautifully!