Brown and stripey pants 3F Burda easy fashion F/S 2009

It is so interesting how a different fabric affects a pattern. These pants had to be perfect as the orange ones, right?

But, noooo. What is that in the back??? This woolen blend is much heavier than linen and has much more drape. So there we have a waterfall under the behind. I'm curious to see what will happen after the test wear. It is still too hot to wear them, though.

And here we have some closeups.

I reused a zipper and buttons, lined the pockets with some matching vintage silk, and finished the facing with gold bias tape.
All in all I'm very pleased with the result. The pants are very comfortable as the fabric is a little bit stretchy. Now I'm curious what could happen if I chose another type of fabric. Like velvet, for instance? I'd love a pair of warm and orange pants for the winter!



  1. Poneki nabor nije problem. Mislim da mi, koji sijemo, vremenom postajemo perfekcionisti, i vidimo greske tamo gde ih niko drugi ne uocava. Pantalone su super i savrseno pedantno sasivene. Plus, odgovaraju tvojoj figuri. Hmmm, plisane pantalone... to bih volela da vidim!

  2. I can't see the "waterfall" in your pivture, but I know what you are talking about. It's so common that I don't think anyone will even notice it! I am in awe of your close up shots. The construction is so sharp and clean! Your pants look very lux.

  3. Oh my god those trousers are perfect! You are really a pro. None of my trousers ever turned out as nice as yours. I need a class. They fit you very well.

  4. Oh,thank you ladies! :-)))))