Blouse Burda 7/2007-101 in green and pants Burda 7/2010-127 in blue

Now, all three garments are done.

I wanted to make this blouse fit, but I'm not really happy with it. There is more to do on the shoulder back and sleeves. Perhaps another time.
Here is the pattern with all the alterations ( lengthened bodice, forward shoulder, narrow back):

And the blouse...Well, I guess it's the fabric. It looked so lovely but somehow I don't like it made up in this blouse.

Here it is with the blue corduroy high waisted pants:

Sigh...Just don't like it...I'm made for bright colors, don't you agree? This yellowgreen doesn't suit me at all. And the night dark pants..? So it happens that you like a fabric very much under the light in the shop, but then it doesn't do anything for you except emphasizing the black circles under your eyes. What do you do when something like this happens? Wear it anyway or let it go?

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