Blouse Burda 7/2007-101

Another project from the UFO pile. Very old. From the time I used pattern as they were. Without adjustments. You may not see it, but I can feel the pattern needs adjustments!

Blose Burda 7/2007-101 I Like!

The fabric I used were remnants from a dress project for a friend. Including holes and discoloring. I had to implement the usual magic and chemistry to cut the pattern pieces out. But you know I love that!

So nice, both the pattern and fabric! Why did it stay on the ufo pile for such a long time you wonder?
Here's why - I scorched the back piece with the iron! I don't know what kind of fabric this is, but it behaves strangely. Like organza, I'd say.
I was soooo very close to throwing the whole thing away! :-(


Then I dug it out in my big UFO busting spree. With rather satisfying results! :-)

The hole got mended. I ironed a little piece of interfacing on the back and then applied this piece of lace on the right side.

Finished! Or maybe not. I should probably apply some lace to the front. For balance. As a design element. Yes, let's put it this way,hehe. Otherwise people might think I just used lace as a patch to conceal a flaw..! :-)

Good night everyone!

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  1. Great saving... If u dint told us we would notice the flaw... Just assume as a design feature. Xx