Wrap top Burda Nahen Leicht und Schnell 1/96 -207

Wrap top Burda Nahen Leicht und Schnell 1/96 -207

I like!!

Sleeveless wrap blouse -from the UFO pile - finished! Yay! :-)

I used remnants (triangles!) of this beautiful satin I got from someone. But whom? Can't remember... Anyway, there was enough fabric only for the pattern pieces. I remember that. No leftovers for the bands and bias binding. So I had to buy some bias tape to finish it. Well worth it! The pattern needs adjustments, though... Will work on that! I like it a lot!

One thing I noticed, can someone, please, enlighten me about it, is that the openings for the tie strings are located slightly below the waist. Why is that? Shouldn't they be at waist height if you want to tie the blouse properly?

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  1. Maybe you are longer-waisted than the pattern? Put the ties where they are most comfortable for you! I'm just in awe that you made that top - it's lovely!

    I am really in love with that skirt, though - fabulous!

    Thank you very much for reading, following and commenting on my blog! :)