White skirt - refashioned!

I said I had something in mind to do with the bottom of this dress, remember?
I refashioned it into a skirt! What do you say?

Now, the story goes like this: The fabric came from my mother's vintage stash. Since I already had something similar in white, which I liked more, I decided to dye this piece. The fabric came out of the process with no coloring at all, just a couple of stains. So much about the content of synthetic fibers. Disappointed, I then decided to use it to make a test garment. As you know, that experiment didn't work either. But I had this brilliant idea of embellishing the whole skirt with ribbons of remnants of white fabrics! A closer look:

First I took the remnant pieces of white fabric and cut them into 2,5 cm wide ribbons, then I sewed them freely onto the skirt with a straight stitch. I started at the bottom and randomly applied piece after piece. I love how this skirt refashion turned out! :-) Fraying edges included!


I named her Dottie White, heeeee! :-DD


  1. Very, very amazing.

  2. Great! A sweet, white summer skirt with attitude!

  3. This is a very cool skirt! Have you tried it with a polka dot top?

  4. Wow...this is just FANTASTIC...I love it..

  5. Your skirt looks fantastic.

    I have experiences the same thing with a mystery off white fabric. I was certain it had some cotton content, but did not take a lick of dye.

  6. I love this! What a great idea. It turned out so well. I am very impressed. Two thumbs up:)

  7. Thank you ladies! It's amazing how sometimes a wadder becomes something beautiful, isn't it?
    Now I just HAVE TO make a colored one...