Two more dress muslins

And now there are no more dress muslins on the UFO pile! I'm almost done with it,haha!!!

This is a dress that ended up being a line matching exercise. Not too bad, but I'm absolutely not that thrilled with it to make all the alterations needed to make it perfect. The pattern is Burda 6/1995-114. I'm going to reuse the skirt piece to make a bag. Or let it remain a skirt?

To make this one I combined a top and a skirt pattern that are a good fit. And it is visible on this muslin. The thing I don't like is the dark color on top and white on the bottom. Somehow I'm not comfortable with this combination.
This one also proves (once again) that soft and flared skirts are a much better choice for my shape. With fitted tops. No questions about that.
So this dress is not going to be finished either, but I have plans for the skirt... :-)))

Have a nice Saturday!

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