New fabrics

Bought this year:

Cotton, viscose, blends ( I love the houses!) for dresses and shirts

Linen (the white is embroidered) for pants and dresses

Orange wool and blend knits for pants, dresses and cardigans

At least, this is the general plan...


  1. yummy, I think there might be nothing more satisfying than *this* stage of the planning. Color, texture, solids, prints...mixing and matching. ahhhh...I have a very similar print to the third from the right in the first picture. It is in a cotton flannel. I would love to make a shirt out of it. What do you see your piece becoming?

  2. Fun, isn't it? :-)
    The third from the right is a satin. I already have the shirt pattern to use in mind! But as I am a disaster when it comes to planning, I'll try to match fabrics for a whole outfit instead of making only ˝orphan˝ garments.