A skirt and a shirt

Here are two pieces I haven't shared yet:

I love this skirt even though the color is totally wrong for me. It is the most worn of the season. :-)

Wonderfully soft and light fabric. The bow at the neckline is not exactly visible but it is there, and the pattern placement happened by accident. :-) In spite the hunchback optical illusion this shirt is a dream to wear.



  1. Love your skirts.. Especially the red one [red is my favorite color] ..

    1. Thank you!

      You know, red used to be my favorite color. I used to say that out of ten sweaters I had nine red, hehe! In time it turned into love of orange and violet, but red is still there.

      Thanks for visiting! :-)

  2. This first outfit is so flattering on you. I can't decide whether it's the color combination, the style, or the proportion, but it really is lovely. I don't know why you don't think this color looks good on you.

    The fabric in the blue blouse is so unique; it certainly doesn't look like the placement was accidental. What a neat effect the pattern placement creates. The fit is amazing. I'm not normally one to favor bows at the neck but the offset placement and the drape of this fabric makes me like this one. Great job!

  3. You are always so kind Nadine, thank you.

    Since I'm a heavy-on-the-bottom type flared skirts along with a fitted top look best on me. I should wear this style more often, I guess. Also shorten the skirt a few centimeters because it hits the lower leg in the wrong place.

    I'm so proud of the fit of this top pattern! I made so many adjustments to get to this point and will always encourage anyone to put in the effort necessary to do the same because it is sooo soooo sooo worth it. It makes sewing tops way faster since you don't have any issues to overcome any more. :-)