The easiest way to make socks - how to

When you don't know what to do with a spare pair of sweater sleeves...make easy socks!

The good thing is that the cuff is already done.

So, place a sock you usually use over the sleeve and trace around it. You can see that my yellow sock is folded . That is because I wanted my blue sock to be short to the ankle. You can choose the length you prefer.

Cut around the traced line and use the piece to cut the other sock.

Sew or serge around... and you are done! Takes about 10 minutes. :-)

Easy peasy, hehe. And cosy warm. :-D


Hello! and some stuff...

Hello everyone!

It has been a while since my last post, hasn't it?

Thanks to all of you who stopped by while I was absent and kindly commented, and thanks to all my new followers! :-)))

I have started making stuff again lately, after this and that, and today I want to share the following:

Green cotton top - wearable muslin
I used a pattern found around the house while cleaning, traced and cut out but never used. It's a La Mia Boutique pattern. Who knows from which issue. The fabric were some remnants I got from Grandma. There are plenty of those pieces for more muslins. Because, honestly, I can't see myself in this color...

Colorful skirt - dress refashion
I so loved the dress used to make this skirt! Wore it and wore it and wore it for years. It was long sleeved and floor length. The fabric is a Missoni knit. I just cut it at waist level and adjusted on myself to fit. I have to think of something to do with the rest of the dress. Make a bolero perhaps, or a purse...

Detail of the fabrics:

This scarf is my first knitting project for this winter. Nice and lacey.
The yellow wool yarn is veeery old. It was first used to make a sweater in highschool. After that I reused it to make another sweater in the 90s. And now...I guess it has been used for the last time. Because the wool has lost the softness throughout the years of wearing and washing. And I have other stuff to reuse and recycle, hehe. :-))

Coming back tomorrow with the simplest way to make socks.
Good night!