Blue socks tutorial

Hello, dear readers! How are you today?

It was ironing day around here and while I was at it I took this pair of old and worn out socks to throw away. Then the obvious caught my attention! Why not deconstruct them and get a pattern? And also actually sew a pair of socks with a heel?

Here's how I did it:

1. Cut an old cozy sock around the fold and at the heel seam.

P2240004 (2)

2. Find a piece of knit to refashion/reuse/recycle.

You can see I also matched the hems of the sock and fabric. This one used to be a skirt.

P2240006 (2)

3. I cut the fabric directly around the sock pieces (did not make a paper pattern first) with a margin of 5 mm to serge. Of course, you can hand sew or machine sew them.

P2240008 (2)

4. Pin together the heel pieces right sides in and serge.

P2240015 (2)

Here you can see a serged heel and one turned to the right side.

P2240022 (2)

5.On the long upper part of the sock mark the position to match the heel seam on both sides. I snipped the fabric a bit (over the yellow pin head).

P2240023 (2)

6. Pin the pieces together right sides in and serge.

P2240024 (2)

7. Ups! This pattern seems to have a problem. The heel seam falls under my heel! Which means the old socks were actually too short. Will have to adjust the paper pattern a bit (when I make it) to resolve this little issue.

P2240031 (2)

8. Otherwise, it's a nice little sock.

P2240035 (2)

Ehm, socks! :-)

Quick and easy project. Takes 15 minutes to complete.

P2240033 (2)

Hope you enjoyed this little tutorial!

Have a nice and cozy evening wearing your new socks!

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