How to - Join wool ends

This nice colorful wool came from the Sunday market.


I wanted to join this bits into one ball of yarn because I don't like knots when I knit, and this yarn is pretty thick. After a close inspection I decided how to do it:

Odvojene niti

1. split the ends

Spojene niti

2. join the ends and roll between your fingers or palm to even

Uvedena igla

3. insert a needle with matching thread and secure so that the knot cannot be seen

Opsivena nit

4. bind the junction tightly with thread and secure the end


5. can you tell that I did this? Rather inconspicuous, isn't it?


6. the result

Did this little how-to help? Please, let me know.

Now I have to decide what to do with this nice wool. :-)

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