How to - Reuse the leftover thread in your serger

Many of you that own a serger must have thought of a way to reuse the remnants of the previous thread after you've re-threaded your serger, right? If you didn't, here is a way to do it:

PA170008 (2)

1. Attach the new thread (black) to the previous one (white)

PA170013 (2)

2. Divide the upper thread from the lower

PA170015 (2)

3. Pull out the upper threads by pulling them towards the back (NOT towards the front like in this picture) so that the thread can easily slide through the needles. One thread broke here. Occasionally it does break, if the knot struggles to pass through the eye of the needle.

PA170016 (2)

PA170017 (2)

4. Pull the lower threads out from underneath the foot

PA170018 (2)

5. Cut the the threads after you've pulled out some of the new thread

PA170019 (2)

6. Cut away the knots. Well done! You got yourself some completely useful thread to sew or baste with! In the pic you can see my reused thread spool (also reused). :-)

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