Dress Burda 6/2003-108 muslin

Rescue from the UFO pile! Poor one, sitting there for a whole year...

The pattern: Burda 6/2003-108
I only lengthened the pattern pieces.

The front shows some pulling on the sides, see? The side view shows pulling in the middle. That means that the back is too short, right?

Obvious sway back alteration needed in the back! Undergarment to conceal underwear needed also! :-)

The dress doesn't look good enough to be worn around town, but is passable as a very light comfy summer house dress. Sigh...I like the fabric so much! Sigh...

But the dress pattern is great, don't you think? Only two pieces, flattering for my body shape and I can think of a million refashions already! :-)

And now, let's alter that pattern.

Have s nice and creative Monday!

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