Test garments - part 1

As you know, my UFO pile is biiiiig. As well as my unwanted fabrics stash. And most of the UFOs are muslins.
Lately, I've been diligently working to make them smaller. :-))

Pattern: Burda 5/2004-115
I like it a lot.

The pattern asks for a knit (which I used to sew this dress last year) but I was curious to see how it would work with a woven fabric. I used two pieces of not so nice fabrics from stash.
I only lengthened the pattern before sewing the muslin. The top is nice. The bottom piece needs alterations. The obvious and usual swayback alteration (so, why don't I do it right away???) and , how strange, some fabric needs to be taken from the front, as well. Then, the back of the skirt needs to be lengthened.

Sigh.. I don't know. This could remain an UFO until I put my new dress form on a proper stand. Or forever. We shall see. I'm not so easily discouraged, but really not in the mood to finish this dress right now.

Pattern: Burda 12/2008-121
Just...bleh. It's in the trash now. I used remnants to make the muslin, so no damage done. I kept the bottom pieces of the pattern, though. They could be used to make a skirt.

Pattern: Burda 6/2003-108
This is the best dress pattern ever, as I am concerned.
I made some basic alterations and used this yellow silk (that used to be curtains) to make the muslin (if wearable could be a nightgown..?).
A couple of issues emerged.

The front was good, but pulled on the sides near the bust. Then I noticed why! How come? Because I'm not particularly gifted in that area, hehe!? This was easy to change on the pattern. The pulling on the left foto is due to my posture. Also, I had to scoop the front armscy a bit.

The back surplus issue got resolved with a little help from Z. He is really getting into pinning, hehe!
Now the pattern is ready for some faboulous fabric!
I'm really looking forward to sewing this one.

More UFOs info in the next post.
Have a nice weekend!
Finally it is hot hot hot and I can wear my pretty dresses, yay! :-)))


  1. Barbara, You don't look like a 16 anymore you look like you've lost weight. I love the top muslin, I think it's adorable.

  2. Barbara, good luck on all the fitting and muslins. I have just come through a similar phase and just want to sew a garment to completion! I love the first two dresses on you-the second one which you trashed is a nice silhouette on you.

  3. Whoa! a lot of pinning. How did you manage to teach your partner...mine is still struggling.
    By the way, I saw this tutorial and thought of you
    http://thedressimade.com/2010/12/07/tutorial-how-to-draw-a-skirt-pattern/ Skirt is the easiest item when it comes to drafting.

  4. Hehe, I just politely asked if he could pin here and there because I couldn't pin my own back, and it worked!

    Thanks for the thought and link! You know, I'm really intensivly thinking about drafting patterns. I bought some books on the subject and read them daily.As well as those about fitting. But first I want to practice some more on the altering front to be able to immediately recognize fitting problems just by looking at a garment. I promised my grandmother to make several items for her, so I'm going to practice some on a totally different body shape. It is not only about sewing at all!!

  5. Oh, and where did my other comments go????