Crocheted shawl

Three days ago I went out in short sleeves. Then it rained. In some regions it snowed!
Today we had to turn on the heating.
My brain can't get used to the cold, yet. Two days are too short of a time to get used to this kind of change.
How are the flowers in your garden coping? And you?

This week I chose a crochet intermezzo and made this beautiful shawl. Right on time for the chill! This nice purple wool has been waiting since last winter to be used. And in all truth it was only the high date that inspired me to crochet!

Oh, I know,I know. I could have styled it better...

I found this pattern on the web. I like the 3D quality of the petals.

Are you also thinking about curling up in something warm with a cup of tea and a cookie? With a nice movie to relax, perhaps? It is Sunday evening after all. Oh, by the way, yesterday we saw Midnight in Paris and it is absolutely wonderful! If you haven't seen this movie yet, do it as soon as you can! And, oh, the fashion! I have to see it again just to take a better look at those 20's dresses!