My girls (and the dresses)

Aren't they lovely?
From left to right - Renata, Klara and Nea.

Materials for the dresses: from stash, only had to buy zippers
Me wearing:  old me made top and new skirt (Finished half an hour before leaving home, hehehe. Fabric from stash and reused zipper)

Looking anything like the sketches ?

More pictures here . :-)))



  1. They are beautiful, the girls and the dresses!

  2. Hi, I agree with Faye, absolutely gorgeous. And so are you - great last minute effort, and you look stunning in the bright mix of colour.

    1. Thak you!
      Colors make me happy. :-D
      I certainly was the brightest colored bird there, hehe.

  3. Barbara please go ahead and email me (fayedoll(at) cox (dot) net your little girl top. It will be a nice addition too! I am making arrangements now to continue posting late tops.

  4. These are so beautiful; you did a wonderful job! The seaming on the strapless dress is so subtle that it really does look great that way. I'm glad you followed your instincts. It must have been one of the photographer's favorites as there are numerous shots of it making it easy for me to see well.

    If you ever have extra time, I would love to see you do a post on your design process. Do you choose the fabric first or the design first? Since you use stash fabrics, do you find you have to alter the design to fit your pieces of fabric or do you intentionally design for small pieces? When you are using fabric from current garments, do you take them apart first so you can see what size pieces you have? I am so intrigued by your ability to mix and match fabrics and use fabric from previous garments. I would so love to have your gift to use fabrics to their best advantage.

    I'm making doll clothes for a neighbor right now and am having so much fun mixing and matching scraps of fabric. If only I could manage to do this on my clothes.

    Your floral top in a previous post was so me!!! I just love that color combination as well. If you decide that blouse doesn't work for you, please email me first!!! :)

    Really great job! You must be so proud of your work.

    1. Dear Nadine, I wish I had read your comment earlyer. :-) Oh yes, I was so happy after the show! After all I did it ALL myself!

      Thank you for the kind words. I'll try to write a post to answer all your questions. :-)

      Now that you have practised combining fabrics, colors and patterns for doll clothes why don't you, fearlessly, just change the scale of the garments and make yourself something stunning and unique? You certainly can do it! I'd love to see the results. :-)

      And if you are interested in the floral fabric I could go and check if there is any left at the shop. Just email me, ok?

      Many thanks again!

  5. Beautiful colour combinations and such inventive styles.

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you like them.
      Thanks for stopping by :-)

  6. You did such a wonderful job on the formal dresses! The one Klara is wearing is my favorite (yellow/lilac/purple).