Unfortunately, the photos from the fashion show didn't come out very well and there is something I wanted to share that you haven't been able to see on them.

Here they are - clutch bags I made with fabric remnants from the dresses.

Will someone, please, take me out so I can carry one of these along?
Oh, and I also wish I could fit inside the yellow dress...sigh...


Things for little people

During Faye's sewalong I made some clothes for my niece. While the machines and knit scraps and remnants were out.
You recognize some of the fabrics, I'm sure.


Now I find making clothes for kids an even better way of putting remnants to good use.
But there is a catch there.
Will they like and wear them?

Happy sewing everyone!


My girls (and the dresses)

Aren't they lovely?
From left to right - Renata, Klara and Nea.

Materials for the dresses: from stash, only had to buy zippers
Me wearing:  old me made top and new skirt (Finished half an hour before leaving home, hehehe. Fabric from stash and reused zipper)

Looking anything like the sketches ?

More pictures here . :-)))





Yesterday I got my "modellista di alta moda" diploma! That would translate as high fashion pattern maker. :-)

The show went very well and I am satisfied that after several days of a zipper curse nothing broke on the runway! Yay!

Today we spent the day doing nothing much after yesterday's excitement.

I hope to get professional photos of the whole thing soon. Until then here is a sneak peek of us having a welcome drink with the girl in the turquoise dress .

Nice bright colorful bunch, eh?



So much to do and some recycling

My mini collection is coming along nicely. Today we had a fitting with the models and I only have some minor changes to make and insert the linings.  Which means there is still a lot to do!!! Hehehehehe.
I'd love to finish the whole thing tomorrow.
I love doing this!

I'm not showing you the dresses yet. Instead there is this little basket crocheted with plarn made with wrapping paper. :-)


And happy creating!