Bikin details

Just keep in mind that this was my first try and don't expect something spectacular, ok?

So, I finally got around to using the elastic foot on my serger. It was rather easy. Just some tweaking to get the tension right and there was a seam I liked!

Here you can see the front and back of the seam. First, I serged on the elastic (on the wrong side!) and then turned it in and finished with a three step zigzag on the right side.

P7020070 (2)

The top - just triangles and straps. For the triangles I used my old swimsuit. Traced around and added seam allowances - 1 cm at the sides and 1,5 cm for the bottom where the strap goes.

P7020056 (2)

P7020059 (2)

These are the basic pattern pieces used. For the bottom I deconstructed an old pair of panties. After inspecting the swimsuits I own I discovered they had only two pieces, i.e., the front and gusset were cut as one single piece. Although you need the gusset pattern to cut the lining piece in cotton.

P6300047 (2)

Wonky bottom...

I added 1 cm seam allowance everywhere except at the sides because I decided to give it some interest with the circle strap closure.

P7020060 (2)

The sides were turned in 1,5 cm to allow the straps through.

P7020063 (2)

P7020067 (2)

The gusset was sewn in at the front-back seam and left loose on the other side. That's also a method discovered after inspecting my old swimsuits. They are all different so I encourage you to take some time and see what you can learn from the things you already own.

P7020069 (2)

Since the fabric used for this test project were cotton knit scraps it will not be used for swimming. I hate having wet things on.

Yesterday I decided on the next pattern to try. This time I will use lycra remnants and another top (bra) shape. I don't have much to show off and those little triangles make me even flatter. :-(

I'll try to document all the steps so I can share them and, hopefully, help someone. Maybe even using the sewing machine only. For those who don't own a serger.

Ciao until then!

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  1. You are so brave! I've never attempted a swim suit.