If I was a doll or The croqui

Z took a bunch of photos of me in my underwear. I just wanted "the real thing", no shape wear, no clothes. To see the little cushions in all their glory. After all, I never see myself like that, especially not from behind. And Z had some laughs! Oh man, am I that large??? :-)) Well, that's how it is. And now I have a simple yet effective way to work with it! And plan and create.

I'm not showing you the basic photos. It wouldn't be appropriate here. But here are my little B dolls!

Sveskupa lutkice

Barefoot and in heels. The photos were taken with my hair up, which was a lucky coincidence. You'll see why later. Maybe we should also take some photos in more stylish poses. Even though I think that these can truthfully tell how a garment will suit you.

They remind me of a toy I had when I was little, with interchangeable parts with which you were able to print girls in different clothes and then color them. I loved that. Now I can do it - with myself!

Like this, for example:

Img844 Img845a

Why don't you draw your own fashion croqui? It's fantastic! You can analyze your body shape, see what styles suit you, and also try new haircuts! What a discovery! Anybody thinking "Why haven't I thought of this earlier?"

Just go to "Adonising" for the instructions on how to draw and to dress your croqui!

Thanks ELMO!

There will be more talk about body shapes and clothes styles, soon. :-)))

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