My first mittens

A few days ago I went searching around the net for glove patterns to see if there is something nice and easy to make to keep my poor fingers warm. Yesterday E infected me with the fingerless mittens bug (hm, I see crocheting ahead). Today? It's SNOWING!!! Oh, and a sweater felted while washing, so...inevitably, I made a pair of mittens.

I chose this pattern.

PB030021 [Rezolucija ekrana]

This sweater was a refashion to begin with. Now that it shrank it's perfect for practicing. Just the thing I needed.

Here's how I made the mittens. Since the colors in the photos are so neutral that it's not really clear I hope you can see everything anyway. I guess I should have used contrasting thread.

PB030024 [Rezolucija ekrana]

I adjusted the pattern to fit my hand and divided the front and back to be able to get two equal mittens because the front of the sweater had braids.

PB030035 [Rezolucija ekrana]

Then I pinned the thumb part to the back part. What you see is the wrong side of the fabric. First you pin the thumb all around right sides facing (you can see how to place them on the right side), then you pin the rest of the thumb part to the back part right sides facing (as shown on the left).

PB030045 [Rezolucija ekrana]

I serged these pieces together. Not a simple task. The curve on the thumb is too small to get a nice and even stitch. I had to correct it by hand. Next time I'm going to simply sew them together.

PB030046 [Rezolucija ekrana]

This is how it looked from the right side.

PB030049 [Rezolucija ekrana]

After that I pinned the back and front right sides facing and serged.

PB030051 [Rezolucija ekrana]

Looking wonky from the wrong side.

PB030053 [Rezolucija ekrana]

Looking wonky from the right side. :-)

PB030055 [Rezolucija ekrana]

Looking better after being ironed.

PB030058 [Rezolucija ekrana]

The cuffs turned inside and basted.

PB030061 [Rezolucija ekrana]

Sewed with a double needle.

PB030060 [Rezolucija ekrana]

And the finished mittens.

PB030062 [Rezolucija ekrana]

PB030064 [Rezolucija ekrana]

Very light and comfortable, indeed!

PB030069 [Rezolucija ekrana]

Of course, the whole thing wouldn't pass without a bit of embellishment. :-))))

Notes to self for next time: Elongate a bit the upper part of the body, add elastic to the cuff or make a ribbed cuff, use bright colored knit.

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