Pumpkin jam and Puff pastry roll with pumpkin and almond filling

I got a nice pumpkin from my mother and since the jam making adventure was successful last year I wanted to try again.I made jam, puff pastry rolls, gnocchi and a crostata.

How to make pumpkin jam:

Cut the pumpkin in slices, peel them and clean from seeds

I got about 1200 gr of pumpkin flesh for the jam and left two slices aside for gnocchi

PC090008 [Rezolucija ekrana]

Grate the pumpkin and put in a large pot with a pinch of salt

Cover the pot and let the pumpkin cook in its own juice

Stir from time to time

PC090009 [Rezolucija ekrana]

When the liquid has almost evaporated add half the weight of the pumpkin of sugar (if you want it sweeter add more)

Stir often

Cook until it thickens


PC090014 [Rezolucija ekrana]

Puff pastry roll with pumpkin and almond filling:

Peel and grind 200 gr (or more, to taste) almonds

PC090019 [Rezolucija ekrana]

Roll out the puff pastry

PC090026 [Rezolucija ekrana]

Spread the pumpkin jam evenly

PC090030 [Rezolucija ekrana]

Sprinkle with ground almonds

PC090033 [Rezolucija ekrana]

Roll, put in a baking tray, and add some butter on top

PC090035 [Rezolucija ekrana]

Bake 45 min at 180C until golden brown.

PC090040 [Rezolucija ekrana]

Sprinkle with sugar

Serve and enjoy

PC090051 [Rezolucija ekrana]

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