Pumpkin crostata with mascarpone cream

For the shortbread dough ( pasta frolla):

250 gr flour

125 gr butter

pinch of salt

lemon peel

little cold water


Pumpkin jam

Cream topping:

125 gr mascarpone cheese

2 egg yolks

2 spoons sugar

lemon peel

Mix the ingredients quickly with your hands, add enough cold water to make a soft dough and let sit inside the fridge for 30 min wrapped in plastic foil.

Roll the dough and transfer it into a cake mold. Pierce the dough several times with a fork. With the leftover dough form a cylinder to decorate the edge of the cake.

Spread the pumpkin jam evenly over the dough and bake for 45 min at 190C.

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Combine the yolks ,sugar and lemon peel in a bowl until white and frothy. Add the mascarpone and mix well. Top the crostata with the cream.

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For a bit of fun...Mr Pumpkin

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