Yellow sweater reconstruction

Hello everyone! Here I come again after three exams, phew...

This morning I saw Elisabeth's post about her sweater reconstruction and got so excited I jumped out of bed, grabbed my yellow sweater, that was waiting in line for a refashion anyway, and was done with everything at about 11 o'clock.

I followed the instructions from the tutorial, but had to adjust them a bit because my sweater didn't have straight arm seams. It worked pretty well anyway.

The sweater:

Zuti dzemper stari cijeli

Cutting steps:


This was to see how much to open the sleeves.



I had to cut the sleeves and body to even the seams.


I serged the parts I cut and sewed it all together with narrow zig zag. Then I sprayed the wonky seam with water and ironed it flat.

The first time I sewed the sleeves to the body I did it the wrong way so I had to unpick the seams. Never mind, the result is gorgeous!

Zd novi cijeli ispred

Zd novi cijeli iza

Zd bok

Thank you Elisabeth, you are a genius!!

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