Purple and dots dress refashion

From this:

My friend E's late grandmother's dress.

To this!!!!:


E kindly gifted me with some of her grandmother's dresses. A couple of them I liked a lot (this one and a green one), while I took a few others to learn something about the construction. In fact, they were all handmade. I didn't find out who the seamstress was, though.

To refashion this dress I unpicked the side seams and sleeves, eyeballed the position of a dress pattern upon the dress pieces stretched on the floor and cut. There are times when one wants to have the dress - now! You know what I mean, right? :-) Then I sewed the side seams together and then(!) Z fitted it on me!!! He kindly agreed to help me. :-) Haha! So cute! It was his first time and he was very, very, very careful and excited. And he also did a great job, didn't he? I don't mind the wobbliness of the front. It was a plus size dress after all.

So, due to this method of refashion, the dress has two pairs of totally unrelated bust darts and back darts. The fabric is some sort of syntethic knit so there was no need for a zipper. And I used golden bias tape to finish the armscyes. From stash.

Finished in a minute! Or, as we say it here (literally translated)- finished while you say cookie! :-)

I'm sure this little number will be worn a lot. As soon as I shave my legs and get a bit of suntan. :-PP :-DD

Have you sewn something you loooove lately?

Have a good night!


  1. It looks much, much better!

  2. It's really cute!

  3. The dress looks great now!