Still working on it

So, what do you think?

The sleeves were too flapflap wingy. This is better!

And as the dress was too plain I just had to embellish it. I used some of the crocheted circles from recycled embroidery yarn I have a full box of. In complementary colors. I made so many of those circles there will be many more garments embellished with them! :-)

The dress is not finished yet but I love it already! Even though it was not planned to be worn out. You know I love bright colors, but this dress looks so...I don't know...fairytail-ish historical, doesn't it?

And here I spot yet another issue to be addressed!
It looks like the slight swayback adjustment isn't enough. Now I'm wondering... What if I unpick the zip and take the surplus fabric in? One more horizontal seam would not ruin the dress, right? It would look like a back midriff, right? Any thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions?


  1. I love it it is very elegant I like its simplicity and the decoration on the front.

  2. Hi, I was wondering what the exact pattern number that you used for this project. thank you

  3. Hazel, thank you!

    Fola, it's Burda 5/2000-131