T-shirt refashion

Two finished objects from the UFO-refashion pile!

1. Simple basic white T-shirt

The pattern used is ..... I lengthened it 2.5 cm and did a slight sway back alteration but it looks like in need of some more, right? And also the shoulders need to be moved forward a bit.

Two different fabrics (shirts) were used for this one. Pique for the body, and plain knit for the sleeves and inserts. I used the front of the refashioned T to make the back because there was a big oval label I couldn't get rid of. So I used it to my advantage to design something nice.

Revers applique and tiny pearls on the right shoulder!

2. Pika-chu!

This one was refashioned from one ooold shirt of my brother's. So fun! I love the little lightning monster!

The pattern used is ..... in which I altered the sleeves to make them slightly puffed.

The back looks better than in the previous example. Let's see what happens when I wash them.

So, which patterns did I say I used???? Eh?? Can't even find them right now....Hmmmm...

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