Pants Burda 7/2010-127

Yes, these! I wanted to make them since the moment I saw them. The most obvious reason being a "tall" pattern. I was anxious to see how they would fit.

I cut a size 84, at the waist 80, and used this lovely colorful bouret (discounted :-)) silk I bought around Christmas, having in mind a spring pair of pants.

The fit is great! Isn't it?
There are just a couple of things, though... The side seams are sticking out due to the interfacing used to secure them and need to be stitched down. It was too heavy, I suppose.

Aaand, they shrinked some more in the wash!!! Argh! Do natural fabrics do that all the time? Because if they do it's better never to wash them again. There is some length left in the cuff, but what about the width?

Anyhow, I love wearing them! :-)))) And will make them again. For sure.



  1. The fit is great! I can't tell that you shrunk them. I love orange too.

  2. Thanks Karin!
    I'm curious to see how they will come out in a lighter fabric!