A couple of test garments - top Burda 2/2008-119 and shrug La mia Boutique 5/2009-5

Hello everyone!
Sorry to be missing, but, as you already know, I've had some technical issues lately...
The good thing is one can actually make something instead of browsing around the web.

Two of the finished objects:

The shrug pattern La mia Boutique 5/2009-5 was extremely small. I couldn't believe it. I had to redraft it all over based on a fitting t-shirt pattern. The second muslin (you can see in the above picture) works fine. I bought some yellow knit to make the real one. :-)

The top is the lovely Burda 2/2008-119. I wanted to make it for a long time. Here you can see the first muslin where I only lengthened the pattern. It is just fine like this. I don't think I will be altering it any more.

Both fabrics (three actually...) are from stash. You can call these "ugly fabrics" project really, hehe. Z says he likes the African fabric. I think those colors don't suit me, but both garments are actually wearable, and they are also coordinated (accidentaly). Work well with jeans.

So, I have less fabric in the stash and many things to show you. What I don't have is the camera...I took some pictures while I had it last night, though. Thus, you'll have to forgive the bad quality of the pics. :-)


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