Four seasons panna cotta - Summer Glass recipe

The second project in the Four seasons project from CCS is here!

Bicchieri Estate or Summer Glasses

You will need:

Cherry jam ( I used homemade)

Panna cotta

Whipped cream

1. Put 1-2 spoonfull of cherry jam in the glasses

Then pour in some panna cotta and let cool (best overnight).

2. Whipp the cream and add some jelly from the jam (no fruit), mix well to get a pink tint you like.

Add the cream to the glasses and form a flower shape with a spoon (or any other utensil you prefer).

Decorate with a leaf and some more jam jelly.


They have this dusty, wavy, icecreamish look of summer. I like it!



  1. Mmmmm, homemade cherry jam sounds wonderful. Was it sweet or sour cherries that you used? This would not be good for my waistline, but it would be delicious!

  2. Those were sweet cherries. I love them.:-)
    And you can always omit the whipped cream. Panna cotta and a teaspoon of jam is delicious enough.:-)