Vacation, sewing and the weather

Hello friends!
Just checking in for a moment to say hello!

Right now I'm on vacation. Well, sort of, because when I go home (to see my parents) it's - going home, not on vacation. :-) The upside is the beach at a 100 m distance. :-) Only, the weather is not cooperating this summer. I have to sleep with a blanket on my bed!! The temperatures are in the 20s (sometimes lower) and it's the end of July!! Not to mention the clouds and rain and storms... Oh, poor turists, they finally got to the Adriatic, only to experience torrential rain and cold.

Today was wonderful, though. And since circumstances are forcing me to stay a couple more days, I hope to get to sunbath and relax properly before going back to Zagreb. Also, someone please remind me to take my sunglasses off! (You know the racoon look,eh?)

Did I mention that I brought my sewing machine? :-D

Yeah, I promised Grandma to sew something for her. I made her two dresses and a blouse. Another blouse has to be recut as the pattern is too loose. Several aprons are in the making. She promptly wore the blose to church.
Oh, she was so funny while I was sewing! At times I would ask her to try a garment on and then she would walk like a model across the living room forth and back. We had some loughs! And I loved seeing her happy. But there are no photos, unfortunately.

Then, my little niece wanted some clothes for a doll. Of course, I obliged. :-) And we had a lot of fun making them. She was very curious about the sewing machine and its parts, and accessories. (Asking a billion times when is the skirt, or blouse, or hat going to be finished, hehe.) She had fun cutting the thread on the corner cutter and counting the needles in their little boxes. At one point she also wanted to sit on my lap while I was sewing. She looked really really interested, so much so that at moments it was hard to keep her fingers off some part of the machine or presser foot. I had to raise my voice a couple of times to avoid accidents. :-(
All in all a fun adventure. :-) For her and for me. Who knows, she may want to learn to sew some day. What do you think?

So, the week went by in a blink. Luckily, it rained most of the time, hehe.

I hope you are having more luck with the weather and chances to wear the cute summer dresses you stitced up! Maybe I will be able to do so in August.


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  1. Glad to hear that your "vacation" is going well, and lots of sewing is getting done. See you later on, marec

  2. Mary, thanks for stopping by!