The nightgown to top refashion - Burda 12/2005-111

Another UFO down!

I realised that most of the UFOs on the pile are actually muslins. Which is a rather good news since I don't have to finish them completely. Unless they are wearable. Or I want to. There are several dress patterns I really want to get right, but that's for another day...

The after: top Burda 12/2005-111 (without the band and slightly lengthened).

I find it lovely. But the fabric is too crisp for this pattern. The front should drape softly,and here it sticks out if you don't flatten it down with your hand. Ah, well.. Next time I'll use some silk. Maybe even make a dress.

This is the before:

Coming back soon with a fun fun post!

I hope your weekend was fun and relaxing!



  1. Brilliant !!!!! alteration undoubtedly improved the garment, you now have a fresh top and very usable. Great! Good job!

  2. Love it Barbara. The print is summery and cheerful. Very flattering.