Self stitched September '11 days 4,5 and Winter Glasses Panna cotta

What I wore yesterday:

Me-made - skirt, top and underwear

Today I wore a me-made skirt and underwear.

The last recipe in the The Artist's seasons 2011 project from CCS is here,finally!

Bicchieri Inverno or Winter Glasses

You will need:

1. Egg whites and sugar for the schaum

Basic ratio - 5 eggwhites, 250 gr sugar, juice from 1 lemon

2. Coconut flour

Basic recipe to make schoum :

Wisk 5 eggwhites with 100 gr sugar until firm.

Combine the remaining 150 gr of sugar with 0,5 dl water in a pan and cook until you get a thick syrup.

Pour the lemon juice and syrup in the eggwites and wisk until you get a smooth shiny cream.

Now add some coconut flour to the schoum, combine well and fill your panna cotta glasses. If you wish you can garnish with more coconut.

Enjoy! (Glasses slightly tilted due to snowstorm inside.. ;-))))

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  1. Pretty skirts! You are the *queen* of something fancy and sweet in a glass!