Green velvet skirt Burda 2/2011-107

This is the second piece finished according to this plan. The corduroy pants are also done, but there are no photos yet.

The pattern is Burda 2/2011-107, the same as the Hommage a Carolina skirt. (But I cannot find the post..? Is it possible that I never blogged about it here???)

Errr, so here it is, the tablecloth refashion skirt + applique:

The second version is apple green velvet. I wanted to hem it with lace, but ended up liking this version better. I mean, not turned to the wrong side. I can always do that.

Now I just have to find, ahem, sew the right top to go with it. ;-)))


  1. Love this style skirts Barbara..

  2. Beautiful skirts Barbara, did you underline them?

  3. I really love the orange skirt, I am a sucker for orange!

  4. Paco - thank you!

    ELMO - No, I didn't underline them, but I should have done it with the coral one. I didn't think it would, but it streches a lot, despite the slip underneath.The green velvet is actually an upholstery fabric so it is very sturdy.

    Karin - Thanks!

  5. These skirts look great on you! I love the orange one.